Milestone 2 Facilitator Training is Completed!

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The Milestone 2 of WP1 that corresponds to the training given on January 17th and 18th is completed!

This first training session, in-person event, allowed the facilitators the opportunity to get to know each other and to begin the process of building a team who will work together and support each other over the duration of project. The training was attended by fourteen case study facilitators, co-ordinated by UCD in collaboration with the project partners UREAD, AERES and FiBL.

The training was structured to take the case study facilitators from their current experience of facilitating multi-actor co-innovation processes to a shared and common understanding of the process as it relates to their case studies. From the outset it was recognised that the majority of the facilitators had limited experience of this role, while some had substantial and valuable experience which could be shared with the group. Given the broad range of actors, topics and locations associated with the case studies the training also addressed the need to consider diversity in their role, with inputs by FiBL on gender mainstreaming and UCD on sharing knowledge.

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