MS4 “Novel Feeding strategies to lower carbon footprint and in vivo experimental protocols confirmed” has been completed!

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This document contains sixteen experimental protocols defined within task 2.1. In each protocol, the responsible partner is identified, the location of the experiment, the time frame is defined, the animal species, the type of sampling that will be carried out, as well as the analyzes that will be carried out.

The experiments that will be carried out will cover the following objectives:

•    Identification and evaluation of low carbon footprint raw materials in cattle pigs.

•    Effect of a new co-product from the food industry on methane emissions and animal performance in beef cattle.

•    Variation in methane emissions between different Swiss grasslands.

•    Effect of multispecies sward on methane emissions and animal performance.

•    To increase the nutritional contribution of forage in free-range pig farming systems through evaluation of pasture management strategies on pig growth, feed efficiency, foraging behavior, and pasture production.

•    Effect of selected feed supplements and combinations on methane emissions.

•    To evaluate heat tolerance of lactating sows identifying effects of heat on welfare and productivity and exploring two mitigation strategies by nutrition.