Re-Livestock | Empowering Inclusivity: Update on the Gender Task Force

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It’s time for an update from your friendly neighborhood Gender Taskforce!

Since our last (and only) in-person meeting at the General Assembly in September 2023, we’ve been busy bees buzzing around, stirring up some inclusivity magic. Led by the dynamic dream team of Cristina Laurenti, Catherine Pfeifer, Ines Rivelli, Monica Gorman, and Michele Moretti, we’ve got some exciting developments to share with you all!

But first of all, let’s recap again which are the objectives of the Gender Taskforce:

  1. Enable individuals in the consortium to make gender-relevant contributions that can benefit the beneficiaries.
  2. Create a safe space for each and everyone to raise the topics
  3. Contribute to a listening culture within the project
  4. Gender-mainstreaming where relevant
  5. Be responsive to gender concerns with the project (mentoring)

What’s Cookin’ in the Gender Lab?

Knowledge Central: Guess what? We have curated a dedicated folder accessible only to the Consortium named “SharedLearning_GenderinAgrifood.” Here, members of the consortium – who would like to level up their gender game – can access a wealth of information to deepen their understanding of gender-related issues in the agricultural and food sectors.

Contact us if you want to dive in and discover a treasure trove of resources!

Inclusive Communication Guidelines: Following a fruitful meeting with the Communication and Dissemination Work Package, we have developed short guidelines for promoting inclusive communication both within and outside the consortium! These guidelines are for everyone who would like to ensure respectful and inclusive dialogue among project stakeholders.

Contact us to have access!

Because communication is way cooler when everyone’s invited to the party!

Looking to the Future:

The gender task force eagerly anticipate the next workshop, scheduled to take place at the upcoming General Assembly. This gathering presents an invaluable opportunity for knowledge exchange, and progress towards our shared goals of inclusivity within Re-Livestock.

As the gender task force continue on the gender-inclusive journey, let’s keep rocking and rolling towards a brighter, more equitable future for all!