Training corresponding to the MS2!

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The Re-Livestock Project proposes to undertake a process of facilitating co-innovation with multi-actor groups which are developed around each of the 13 case studies of the project. This requires each case study to be supported by a designated facilitator(s) who brings together the multi-actor groups and facilitates their discussions and the emergence of their inputs and recommendations in an iterative process over the lifetime of the Re-Livestock Project.

Important contributions by the trainees were captured throughout the session by using flipcharts while the participants worked together in an open and constructive environment which they had agreed to from the outset. During the course of the training, questions related to the role of the facilitators in relation to Tasks 1.2 and 1.3 emerged. In response to these questions, the schedule was adjusted to allow more time for these questions to be addressed. Discussion on Task 1.2 was facilitated by UREAD while discussion on Task 1.3 was facilitated by AERES. Emphasis was put on clarifying the next steps for the facilitators. Overall, the training was highly valued by the participants as captured in the end-of-training evaluation with an overall 90% ‘good’ or ‘very good’ rating.

See here some pictures of the MS2!