WP1: Multi-Actor Engagement | Update

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WP1 have been working to understand and mobilise the adoption of innovative resilient livestock farming practices through multi-actor engagement. Generally, they have been building and supporting local stakeholder forums to guide and support the co-innovation processes of the project and ensure that the voices of all key stakeholders are captured, in order to ensure that the project results can be readily implemented in practice and exploited.

The activities are discussed below:

Stakeholder Forums:

Their team has conducted a series of stakeholder forums, bringing together key stakeholders from for each Re-Livestock case study group. These forums discussed resilience, as well as drivers, and barriers to adoption of the innovative livestock farming practices of the case studies.

They’ve reported each forum, which will be compiled and summarized to offer valuable perspectives on how the case studies can increase resilience and how we can increase uptake in these sustainable farming practices.

Re-Livestock tool sustainability Assessments:

They’ve started work conducting sustainability assessments of case study farms, utilizing a tailor-made Re-Livestock tool to evaluate the public goods generated by innovative case study farms, showing environmental, social and economic trade-offs in the different farming practices.

Capacity Building:

Facilitators have been offered ongoing support in conducting both stakeholder forums and sustainability assessments effectively. Specifically, to aid the Re-Livestock tool sustainability assessments they’ve developed guidance documents and user manuals.

European multi-actor platform:

A European multi-actor platform was created with key stakeholders in various disciplines associated with livestock farming converge to share knowledge and drive collective action. A first forum was conducted and we’re finalizing a summary report to disseminate key findings and recommendations to the participants. They’re currently working to increase the number of participants in the forum to broaden expertise yet further.