WP6: Re-Design of circular system | Update Activities

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WP6 will develop a novel suit of models to explore European food system redesigns to enhance food security under climate change.

To explore what will be the food and feed availability in the future, will be modeled different scenarios. The scenarios will be based on three dimensions: time, climate change intensity and farming management practices. For time, we will model scenarios for the year 2050 and 2100. For climate-change intensity, we will model scenarios with two Representative Concentration Pathways: 2.6 W/m2  and 8.5 W/m2. For farming management practices, will be modeled agroecological scenarios with limited use of mineral fertilizers and tillage practices, business as usual scenarios, and resource-intensive scenarios with intensive use of mineral fertilizers and tillage.

Based on these scenarios will be modeled how food systems need to be redesigned (e.g., what crops to grow, what animals to keep) to guarantee a healthy diet with minimum environmental impact.