Re-Livestock at the Remedia network workshop!

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Last month, Re-Livestock was present at the Remedia network ( workshop “Reconnecting agriculture, livestock, and forestry towards climate neutrality: A meeting of Iberian science and society.” The workshop was celebrated from the 23rd to the 24th of May in Plasencia, Spain. Some of Re-Livestock project partners attended the workshop and activity participated in the sessions.

The University of Extremadura organized and hosted the XI Remedia workshop, where 80 participants, all eager and enthusiastic, were keen to learn about the challenges facing the agriculture, livestock, and forestry sectors in the context of emission mitigation. Furthermore, the team presented results on C sequestration in the Dehesa ecosystems. 

The CSIC team introduced the project and sponsored the opening lecture. Also, presented results on in-vitro and in-vivo evaluation of methane inhibitors. Furthermore, the UPV team presented preliminary results on new precision farm technologies to reduce GHG.